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Is the value of your public company stock depressed?
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      Morris Business Development Company. (“MBDE.OTCBB”) is a redirected public investment company helping both private and public stock client companies.  
Raise Capital
Get Liquidity
      The purpose of a BDC is to help our American business succeed by partnering with a BDC to both source capital and provide substantial managerial support.
  As a 1940 Congressional Act Business Development Company, MBDE is operating under the Securities Exchange Commission Investment Act regulations and MBDE is a fully reporting public stock company.
      Investors eventually require liquidity to be willing to provide growth capital to a company. That means investors want a way to realize a profit from the future sale of their stock in addition to potentially receiving dividend payments.  
MBDE helps our client companies create and maintain investor liquidity starting with either private or public stock. Our special partnering arrangement with our clients can utilize the special structure of the MBDE public stock company. Therefore, our clients can access capital more efficiently thru a either private or public offering of stock.
MBDE’s President, George Morris, PhD is a licensed Investment advisor and banker with over twenty years experience in Finance and Marketing. He understands liquidity events and offers a variety of exit strategies for you to grow your company and increase both its value and your personal wealth.
Our Special Partner Program for selected companies aims to create a large multi-million increases in company value in under 12-months. You manage your company’s growth with our assistance and we manage all the public finance issues with your help. It’s a partnership.
    Do you want to increase the value of your company?
    Is a Reverse Merger, IPO or BDC/Spin-Out the best way for you to raise capital?
    Why Congress created the Business Development Company (“BDC”) for you?
    Why MorrisBDC is the Best Choice for You?
    Should you plan to become a public company soon?
    Grow your company through acquisitions
    Grow your company with additional management and board members  
    Grow your company with new technology
We are an SEC reporting closed-end investment fund investing in private and public companies.
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