Special Process      

The Special Partner Program for increasing the value of your company involves creating a business and financial strategy partnership between your company and MBDE that is appealing to the investment community. Our strategy is a blend of your personal and business goals, the assets and strengths of your business and our assets and strengths. We need to create an exciting, achievable growth partnership for investors to build our business success and mutual personal wealth.

You bring part of your business sales to a subsidiary corporation of MBDE created for partnership. We bring financial and marketing expertise to the subsidiary of our Business Development Company MBDE. Then we share in the growth of sales, profits and capital appreciation of the subsidiary.

Part of our process is moving the partnership subsidiary to higher value is creating liquidity for you and other investors. The ability to buy or sell shares of the subsidiary in the public stock market versus a limited private stock holding is a recognized way to increase share value and the market capitalization value of a company. Market capitalization value for a company is the price per share times the outstanding number shares.

The market capitalization value of a company increases with a higher price earnings multiple which is the earnings per share times the price earnings multiple. This increase is primarily the result of liquidity for shareholders and their optimistic forecasts of company earnings. This difference in company value is sometimes called the "private to public company value arbitrage."
MBDE’s goal is to find companies that can grow revenue and earnings with new capital and substantial managerial support. Then we MBDE can work with our client through the partnership subsidiary to accomplish this goal. MBDE views this activity as increasing and not deducting revenue, profits and value to the client company.

MBDE partners with investors, owners and management to create multi-million dollar increases in market capitalization value for all involved...

Dear Potential Partners:

A multi-million dollar financial reward for you comes with increasing your company value in the public stock market. Therefore, it is worth it to put forth a strong coordinated team effort to succeed.

And a very high market value goal for your Company is not arbitrary hype but it is a value that interests substantial investors.

We partner with you and bring a team of experienced professionals to get the job done. All partners are expected to contribute significantly and to share in the reward.

You manage your business and we at MBDE will manage the financial process. The public stock activities that increase value are our responsibility. Also, you don’t need to worry about audits of prior activities or other talked about concerns.

I believe that you, the investors and our associates can create success in under 12-months. And, that is a great payday for everyone involved.

Are you motivated?


George Morris, PHD